Saturday, March 5, 2011

Look at those clouds!

"And so the water's velocity will be stronger as it goes around the bend in the river be... becau-

LOOK at those clouds!"

My science teacher continues to the back of the room where the picturesque view of the river is clear and some admit ably cool clouds are hovering just above the water. She pulls up all of the blinds and lets in the early morning sunshine, brightening our room further.

We all look back at the clouds and stare for a while as they slowly change, the little sun spots on the windows, know starting to loop back to their original positions, are making shadows on low back counters. She sighs and moves back to the front of the room and the class continues on as of nothing had really happened.

A few minutes later she makes a note that the clouds are gone. "Oh well. It was nice while it lasted."

It's sort of hard to describe my science teacher in one go.

When explaining the many different things she does, she may come off as someone you should generally avoid. And on first contact with her, you may feel intimidated and scared.

On back to school night, she wore sparkly boppers on her head, and even scared one guy so much that he didn't bother to leave the room when he realized that he was in the wrong classroom. He stayed quietly in his seat.

But, on the other hand, once you meet her, she is actually really funny, and carefree. She doesn't act like she is superior to us and jokes around. When she talks to us, it's on an equal level and I think a lot of people like that about her. She is honest and blunt, but utterly funny and has the greatest stories.

She also helps a lot with tricks on how to get past the 'full sentence' problem. If it has a subject and verb, it's ok! That doesn't mean that it has to be specific. (For example, It was formed 25 years ago. What was formed 25 years ago? I don't know, read the question! It is a full sentence)

Right now, I have no idea what kind of person is forming in your head, and I'll most likely bring her up again, but for now, the crazy science teacher has been introduced. Somewhat.