Friday, February 11, 2011


I have not indeed forgotten about your blog, and just as I have promised, I am still here

To make corrections of coarse, 

First of all, I am most defiantly still here, don't plan on me leaving anytime soon.
Second, I would never wear this sorta outfit:
(please refer to your own blog for further reasoning)

And lastly, I am not a spy for the former soviet union, in fact I am a spy for SSStS. Just for future reference, also don't worry to much, I'm only the assistant for the actual spy, and we're still unsure of where to do our spying. Also, our spy gear does  not  look like that at all, it's way to obvious that you're a spy if you wear things like that, either that, or you're looking to be abducted by creepy men. (just saying, sorry to all you creeps out there, but abduction is frowned upon in all situations).With SSStS we try our hardest to blend  in with the crowd and keep up our ordinary lives. 

So, in conclusion, 
I am still here
I do not wear small tight clothing 
I may or may not be a spy, it's still somewhat unclear to you what I am doing with SSStS

That's all,
The Beast